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How do I turn on these lights?

You will need to use a transformer/power supply in order to turn your lights on. To see our transformers please visit the Accessories page. We also sell full kits which include transformers and other accessories you would need.


How do I figure out what wattage transformer (power supply) I need for my outdoor LED lighting project?

First determine how many lights your project requires and how many watts are consumed per light. You must make sure to have a large enough power supply to handle the current draw (wattage) of all of your combined lights. To ensure you don't overwork the power supply, confirm that the total wattage used is at least 20 percent less than the power supply's rated wattage. An easy way to calculate this is to multiply the total wattage of your combined lighting by 1.2. For example, if you have eight 2-Watt LED lights, your combined lighting wattage is 16-Watts. Simply multiply 16-watts by 1.2 to determine which power supply you'll need. If you try to run lights at full transformer capacity, it could result in premature failure of the transformer.


Do I need to use your transformer? 

We recommend using our transformer because it is equipped with a plug and play connector which makes it easy to connect to our lights. If you decide to use your own transformer please make sure you choose an outdoor magnetic transformer with sufficient wattage for your project. We sell full kits which include transformers and other accessories you would need.


What is Plug and Play?

Most of our lights are equipped with plug and play connectors which easily snap into each other and allow for easy installation. Our lights can easily be converted to hardwire by using our Wire Splicer #EZWS1 from the Accessories section or by simply clipping off the ends. 


What is a wire harness splitter?

A wire harness splitter allows you to connect several lights into your transformer. We offer different options depending on your project. Go to our Accessories section to see available options. Below is an illustration showing the use of our wire harness splitter:


 How fast will I get my order?

Our aim is to process orders within 1 business day or less. We use Canada Post and as a courtesy to our customers, we upgrade all orders to Expedited. Within Canada, shipping usually takes 2-3 business days. 


What happens if I decide I don't need the lights after I've received them?

No worries, we understand that sometimes people change their minds. All orders can be returned undamaged, in their original packaging for a full refund within 30 days. See our Return Policy for full details.


Do you have a store front or showroom where I can see your products?

We ship all orders from our warehouse in Toronto, ON. We are not open to the public but appointments can be made if needed. Please call 1-855-202-9900 or 1-647-776-2184 and ask for Bella.